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Urtopia Chord X

Urtopia Chord X

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The Urtopia Chord is a smart e-bike that combines elegance and efficiency in one ride. It is inspired by the piano and the Croatian pianist Maksim Mrvica, who collaborated with the design team. It features a liquid-forged aluminum frame, a removable battery, an anti-glare LED display, a fingerprint unlock, a built-in navigation, a Bluetooth music system, a GPS anti-theft tracker, and an OTA update. It also has a torque sensor, an integrated headlight, a Tektro hydraulic disc brake, and an 8-speed Shimano gearing system. It weighs only 21 kg and can travel up to 120 km on a single charge. It is available in white or black, and in high-step or step-through styles. You can also customize your battery case with stickers or your own design. The Urtopia Chord is the perfect e-bike for city commuters and outdoor adventurers alike.

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